A CLEAN Office Helps Your Team Be More Productive.

If you want to have a tidy, clean office space like these, you need to contact Collins Cleaning Company. We will exceed your expectations.

What Our Clients Say

Ad Victoriam

Always an Excellent Job

“We have been using Mandy and her team for an annual deep clean since 2020. To say that we are very satisfied with the job that they do is an understatement. After a walk through, Mandy provides a proposal stating the exact items to be cleaned and sanitized. They show up on the day and time specified in the proposal and complete a thorough cleaning of both of our offices. For us, they clean and sanitize all work surfaces, bathrooms, and kitchen. They are reliable and always do an excellent job. I highly recommend Collins Cleaning Company and plan to use them well into the future.” – Melinda Kimball

Eddie Owen Presents

Highly Recommended

Collins Cleaning has been working at my venue since 2017. Their quality of service, punctuality, communication has been exceptional. I would highly recommend them as a service company. – Eddie Owen Presents

Avalon Townhomes

Never Disappointed

I am very glad and delighted to recommend Collins Cleaning Company to provide the top cleaning service to any home or corporate home. I have been working with them in three different homes for the past 3-4 years and they have never disappointed me once. They have great teams who are always on time, friendly, and go the extra mile. It makes it so easy to work with them. – Anonymous

Let Us Make Your Office And Team More Productive

Getting your office and team to be more productive starts with getting the office clean, tidy and spotless. But making your home or office spotless can be super hard work. You don’t want your time spending their valuable time doing the cleaning. Let us do all the hard work of cleaning your small or large office or commercial space while you relax, then you enjoy the results.

We Are Trustworthy

At our family-run small business, we understand the importance of trust when it comes to hiring a cleaning service for your office. That’s why we are proud to be licensed, bonded, and insured, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your commercial property is in good hands. You and your employees can rest assured knowing that your shared space will have all of its needs met by people you enjoy.

You’ll Know By The Clean

Our cleaning services are nothing short of exceptional. We are confident that you will not be able to tell that we were ever in your office space, aside from the impeccable cleanliness that we leave behind. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to providing the highest quality service possible.

Our Goal Is Your Happiness

Our company’s sole objective is to ensure that all of our residential and commercial cleaning clients are completely satisfied with our services. We strive to achieve a 100% satisfaction rate and will not settle for anything less. You can trust us to provide exceptional cleaning services that will leave your space looking incredible


Collins Cleaning Company

Welcome to our website.  Collins Cleaning Company is the best choice for residential and commercial/small office cleaning in the Johns Creek. Georgia area.  Review our website then click the the “Get A Quote” button to get a quote for your cleaning needs.

“Let Us Exceed Your Expectations”



Licensed. Bonded. Insured.

If you are considering hiring a residential cleaning company, a maid service, or a commercial cleaning company, then you need to make sure that the company meets certain rigorous criteria.  The safety of your family, your employees, and your property can depend on it.  At Collins Cleaning Company, all of our employees must pass a very stringent criminal background test.  No one with a criminal record will ever represent our company.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured to give you peace of mind.  We are the trustworthy cleaning service.

“Let Us Exceed Your Expectations”


All Team Members Are Legal Residents

Every single person that works for Collins Cleaning Company is a verified and documented legal resident. We support keeping jobs right here in America and we only hire residents from the local area who have passed the US Government e Verify system.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guarantee

You will love how we clean your space, we guarantee it. If you are not happy with any area that we cleaned, or if we missed something, call us within 24 hours. We will return and re-clean the area at absolutely no charge.

“Let Us Exceed Your Expectations”


All Team Members Speak English

Regardless of national origin all of Collins Cleaning Company’s associates speak English fluently.  We believe that you should be able to communicate effectively with the team assigned to clean your space.  It can be very frustrating to have a team to which you can’t get across detailed instructions because of a language barrier.  That will never happen with us.  Our residential cleaning teams and commercial cleaning teams are comprised of ALL English speaking members.

*Note:  If you require communication in another language, we will try to accommodate you, but we can not promise it.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Love Us & Want to Spread the Word?

Fro every person you refer who signs onto our recurring services, YOU will receive $100 off of your cleaning after theyve completed three services with us!

We can’t wait to meet the people you ove most! Friends family, co-workers, neighbors, local small-business owners — we’ll help them all.

Our Core Cleaning Service Offerings

Commercial Cleaning Services

When customers walk through your door, the first impression may be the only impression. It is important for your business to be clean, neat and orderly. If you want to focus on your business while maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for your staff and customers; let our commercial and small office cleaning professionals handle the rest. Our fully licensed, bonded and insured cleaning company serves business owners in and around Johns Creek. Our family owned cleaning company is a trustworthy supplier for commercial clients for excellent cleaning services.

Small Office Cleaning Services

If you own a small business in Johns Creek, you may have thought a cleaning service would be out of range for your budget, not so with Collins Cleaning Company. You don’t want to have to worry about office cleaning and you don’t have to. We offer comprehensive small office cleaning performed by our skilled staff. Our team has the experience and tools necessary to provide an excellent office cleaning experience that will keep your business looking presentable and the work environment safe and sanitary. Outsource your small office cleaning duties to us. We customize your cleaning experience so you can focus on more important things; like running your business. Let us exceed your expectations.

Residential Cleaning Services

If cleaning your home feels like a full time job, make it our job to do your house cleaning as often or as little as you need. With personalized house cleaning plans, attention to detail, excellent customer service and open communication, our cleaning professionals will work hard to exceed your expectations. Serving Johns Creek and the surrounding area, our full service house cleaning company is fully licensed, bonded and insured. All our team members are legal residents and speak English fluently. Our home cleaning service comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee. You will love the way we clean your home.

Spring Cleaning Services

Sometimes your home or office doesn’t need a professional cleaning service on a regular basis, but you just need to catch up with a deep cleaning from having taken off during a season or having had your home or office go for a while with little attention to cleaning. At Collins Cleaning Company, we call this “Spring Cleaning” and it is a cleaning service that we are really good at.  Let us get your home or office clean and like new with our spring cleaning service.  Whether you want to hire us for home cleaning or office cleaning afterward, at least you’ll be starting off CLEAN.

Construction Site Cleaning Services

New construction/post construction clean up isn’t something you want your day laborers or skilled laborers to have to do, it would be way too expensive, or the job wouldn’t get done right.  The success of your walk-throughs and showings depend on the post-construction site to be clean.  Let us provide professional post-construction cleanup services for just one of your projects and you will use our new construction cleaning service for all of them.  Your success depends on perfection in cleaning and that’s what our team of professional cleaners will do for you.  For all your post-construction cleaning needs, let us exceed your expectations.

Move In/Out Cleaning Services

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, move-in and move-out cleanup can be a big hassle.  Move-out cleanup can cost you security and cleaning deposits if not done right.  And move-in cleanup can be costly in terms of staff and can delay getting your property ready for occupancy.  Let our professional team of cleaners provide move-out cleaning services so you can save money in the long run and get your deposits back.  Our move-in cleaning service can make sure your property is ready ASAP and next tenants are super pleased with the cleanliness of their new home.  In Johns Creek there is only one name in Move-in Move-out cleaning and that name is Collins Cleaning Company.

Stunningly Beautiful Rooms Start With CLEAN.

If you want to have beautiful, clean rooms like these in your home, you need to contact Collins Cleaning Company. We will exceed your expectations.

You can have a beautiful, clean family room

“Let Us Exceed Your Expectations”

You can have a sparkling, clean kitchen

“Let Us Exceed Your Expectations”

You can have spotless, clean bathrooms

“Let Us Exceed Your Expectations”

You can have peaceful, clean bedrooms

“Let Us Exceed Your Expectations”

You can have a tidy, clean laundryroom

“Let Us Exceed Your Expectations”

Let Us Make Your Space Beautiful.

Getting your home to look beautiful starts with making it spotless. But making your home or office spotless can be super hard work. You may not have the time or the energy, but we do. Let us do all the hard work of cleaning your residential or commercial space while you relax, then you enjoy the results.

Our Standards Are HIgh

You have met someone that you thought had high standards, but unless you are our customer already, you haven’t a real idea about what high standards for residential and commercial cleaning mean.   Our standards are the highest.

We Never Stop Until Finished

Other residential cleaning companies or small office cleaning firms will leave without finishing because they are really working by the hour.  It’s how their employees are paid. We never leave until the job is done, no matter how long it takes.

You Will LOVE How We Clean

There is only one goal that everyone working at our company has, that every single residential or commercial cleaning client loves the job we do.  We will not accept anything less than 100% HAPPY.  You’ll love how your space looks.

About Collins Cleaning Company

Mandy Collins - Owner

Collins Cleaning Company is a Family-Owned Business!

Our owner, Mandy Collins, has been cleaning since 2013 and proudly opened Collins Cleaning Company with her husband, Mike Collins, and daughter, Kasey. Since then, we’ve been helping families and small businesses all across our hometown of Johns Creek and beyond, growing into the business that we are so proud of today!

Industry Average Cleaning Frequency








Other (one-time, periodic, etc.)

Builders, Realtors, and Landlords – CLEAN Shows Better

It only makes sense that to get the best price, your property needs to be fresh, clean, and tidy.  But that can take time. Let’s do it for you.

Let Us Get Your Property Ready Faster

Getting your property ready for sale or lease can be a time and money consuming effort. You don’t want to use your skilled labor because that is a waste of talent and money. Let us do all the hard work of cleaning your space while saving you time and money and producing a spotless property that will bring you more return on your investment.

We Save You Time

Trying to get your property cleaned up and ready for presentation to the public or occupancy by tenants can be a sure time suck. One call to us takes care of the hassle.

We Save You Money

We clean by the job, not by the hour.  We’re much more efficient than day laborers and much less expensive than your skilled workers.  Let us do the job and save you a bundle.

Get A Higher Return

When your property is spotless it presents better and your people will be willing to pay more.  Let our expert team do the hard work while you reap the dividends. Our cleaning will increase the value of your property.

Additional Service Offerings

In addition to our core services outlined above, we have additional services that you can add on an occasional or even a regular basis.


Mattress Sanitization

We can steam clean your mattress, removing dozens of allergens.

Clean Oven

We can completely clean your oven so it has no burnt residue.


Clean Refrigerator

We can clean your refrigerator so its spotless, including gaskets.

Clean Windows

We can clean the windows on the inside to make them sparkle.

Dust Blinds

We can dust any type blinds, including individual slats.
window blind cleaning
pillows on a sanitized mattress
woman cleaning an oven
woman cleaning refrigerator

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